вторник, 16 августа 2011 г.

How to order a toy?

Dear all,
if you want to order a toy, please, contact me by e-mail: valevi405@yahoo.com.

Please, specify all your requirements (size, color and type of materials desired)  in e-mail and I will reply ASAP or just post your comment below.

I need at least 3 working days to sew a toy.

Orders can be send to any country.

If you like a toy, please, like it! Just press the button, it is easy, but it is really pleased to see that you like my creatures!

Thank you,


зайки, зайки

И снова зайки, на этот раз получилась парочка, делала под заказ, получились такой очаровательный заяц-мальчик и задумчивая зайчишка-девочка)))